Just got the best ibogaine HCL and am now living my sober life happily with my family. Thanks very much Iboga Planet. I have given your contact to other friends to get theirs

Van Nestaville


I am so happy with your shipment. I received the root bark and love the quality. Your rootbark is the freshest and most wonderful smelling stuff of any I have seen. thanks

Su Nakamoto



Your Iboga is very good I took Iboga again
I ask to the Iboga spirit if he had a message for you,he said that you are doing a work that is important for all humanity and that you must continue to do what you are doing.He said also that you are a good person.
Thanks if you prepare for me when I’ll come to Africa!but I really don’t know when I’ll be able to do this trip
I would like to order some more soon, Is possible of same quality or batch?

Ryan Bernett


Hi, your iboga TA is actually the best. Timely delivery and the way you answered my questions and guided me very much on how to administer it to my Son. Thanks so much for the love and concern you gave me and my family. Will for ever be indebted to you guys, will recommend you to anyone in need or having a similar problem.

Larry Morgan

Utah, U.S.A

The journey of the spirit land to talk with my ancestors was not an easy one as we discuss so many things especially my past life and lineage and how I made it up to this stage in life, all things to the quality iboga root bark from Iboga Planet. Your timely delivery as you promised was good, thanks once more. Its never too late, I can now make a clean start in life.

Josh Pullen

Ontario, Canada

Thanks very much for the seed pots. I received it and am now trying to grow iboga by my self even thought its not easy with the climate and how its growing, but I just want to have this secrete plant in my garden, just by seeing it makes me very happy. Thanks so much IBOGA PLANET. You are great from you words and how truthful you are. Please lets pread the news of this secrete plant as its worth is live changing.

Matt Klass

Düsseldorf, Germany