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We do our shipping using Campost which takes 2-3 weeks to deliver parcel. The shipping cost for delivery will cost 35EUR.
We also use Express Mail Service(EMS) for our delivery. EMS takes 5 to 7 working days to deliver parcel which will cost 85EUR.
There is also an option for fast shipping within 3 days but that is via DHL and is expensive as it cost an extra  25EUR
Each service provide a tracking number for it clients, which means the parcel is traceable and requires a signature. It also enables customers to track their parcels online. The parcel will be returned to IbogaSales if the parcel is undeliverable. If a shipment is returned for any reason beyond our control, and the customer wants it to be reshipped, new shipping costs will be assessed.
We cannot guarantee the delivery times or be held responsible for delays from the courier service. Customs or plant inspection authorities may examine your parcel and delay the delivery.  It is your responsibility to ensure the items you order are allowed in your country. We are not responsible for packages due to loss by the shipper or products returned, seized, or destroyed due to unforeseen customs regulations. Customs is beyond our control.
Parcels may be returned within 14 days after receipt. The contents may only be returned in its original (unopened) packaging, unharmed or used in any way due to contamination concerns. IbogaSales  does not restock returned products; therefore we cannot fully refund returned orders. Refunds are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We do not refund shipping costs. For refunds, an administration fee will be charged.

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